The libertarian force


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A democratic leader, during the time of war against fascism, received an award this year for a constancy to the creed of freedom, amid jolts of violence and corruption in the country. Nestor Grancelli Cha formed this loyalty at the very beginnings of the anti-fascism era, with teachers such as Alfredo Palacios, the first socialist deputy of América, who honored him by his achievements and protected him in his house.

He emotionally remembered his “compañeros”. His generation inherited the best of thouse capable of organizating the country in the 19th century. The reformist  critized and improved that project around 1918, when the university reform spread to South América and led the cultural force against violators.

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There was a stronghold on the authoritarian system, where there was no maturation or benefits to reap. Grancelli Cha, who was very young at the time, denounced louded in front of thousands of people, that Perón had a “sinister plan” that the student movement would not support. Hours before in October 17, 1945, he faced a shoutout in Plaza San Martin in Retiro.

He also defended Guatemalan revolutionaries and supporters of Colonel Jacobo Arbenz, who were persecuted in Buenos Aires in 1954. And after 1955, he protected persecuted peronists, with the sologan “legalidad para todos”. Many like him, believed that Arturo Frondizi offered a successful continuation of the Juan Bautista Alberdi project. Although violence overtook everything, the generation of 45’ continued to believe in their ideals.

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